Hello everyone,

I pray that everyone is well. What are you allís opinion on my DVS setup. I have a Rane 62(road case and deck saver), Pioneer SP1 and stand, and a new Innofader Pro2 that hasnít been installed. Everything is in great condition. I want to sell everything as a package deal so that I can buy a Rane 70 or 72.

I use this set up with Serato DJ Pro and the SP1 gives me the ability to layer Rane flex efx on top of Serato efx- which is similar to the new Rane mixers. The Mag 2 faders are awesome and I already know from experience that the Innofader will be even better.

So Is this an attractive set up? If so what is it worth?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Que Yi

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