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Thread: Record Pools or Apple/Amazon/Google music?

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    Record Pools or Apple/Amazon/Google music?

    Is their a big difference or it doesn't matter?

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    You'll find more unknown artists or bands going with those big three, however, that means more time digging though all the crap to find what you're looking for. This is unless you're just looking for Top40, mainstream stuff - in that case, those 3 will do just fine.

    As for DJ pools, they have benefits but are limited, comparatively. There are some labels you'll never get access to in some pools but you will have more exclusive, DJ-focused tracks and/or remixes that you wont find using the other 3. Normally DJs join multiple pools since they all vary slightly in genre or exclusives. Also, sometime you get pre-released music of the good and shitty variety.

    If you can afford it, use the big 3 and join 2 or 3 record pools to cover all your basis.

    Lastly, unless you are (or aspiring to be) a top-40 club or mobile DJ, I wouldn't bother with record pools. IMO

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