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Thread: Record Pools or Apple/Amazon/Google music?

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    Record Pools or Apple/Amazon/Google music?

    Is their a big difference or it doesn't matter?

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    You'll find more unknown artists or bands going with those big three, however, that means more time digging though all the crap to find what you're looking for. This is unless you're just looking for Top40, mainstream stuff - in that case, those 3 will do just fine.

    As for DJ pools, they have benefits but are limited, comparatively. There are some labels you'll never get access to in some pools but you will have more exclusive, DJ-focused tracks and/or remixes that you wont find using the other 3. Normally DJs join multiple pools since they all vary slightly in genre or exclusives. Also, sometime you get pre-released music of the good and shitty variety.

    If you can afford it, use the big 3 and join 2 or 3 record pools to cover all your basis.

    Lastly, unless you are (or aspiring to be) a top-40 club or mobile DJ, I wouldn't bother with record pools. IMO

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    What I love about pool like Promo Only is it often will give me radio edit versions of songs that otherwise might not be available. I market myself as a family friendly DJ and I need to have those. I agree with Rek, use both if you are going to be a mobile DJ. Promo only is only $12 a month for the basic package.

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    Record pools are often one price for entire months worth of content, whereas YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon, etc everything is bought a la carte. Now if you're talking subscription, that different, but I don't know of any professional DJ software that supports using Apple/Amazon/Google as a source for library. As far as I know, only Tidal (among consumer music subscription services) is supported by some DJ software.

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    Promo Only seems to be about the only record pool that is legit, and legal these days. They have all the labels and they work directly with labels. BPM Supreme, Mixcloud, etc. do have amazing mixes on them but they're not legal. Many found that out in the past couple of years when lots of popular songs/artists disappeared from those pools because the Sony label went around enforcing copyrights & the non-legal pools were forced to take out all the Sony label artists & their music. But all Sony label artists still were on Promo Only and they did not suffer any issues.

    I pay $40/mo and I get every genre they have including singles, various versions, mixes, "dj tools", and even some videos - all available via download. But they do have other packages available if you don't want all that. As a wedding DJ, we tend to get all kinds of random requests including Christian, Latino, Reggaeton, etc. etc. plus the typical country, pop, r&b, hiphop top 40 stuff.

    Obviously sometimes we get requests for specific songs that were never released as singles and therefore are not going to be a part of any record pool, and for that we typically use itunes or amazon.

    Imo - if you're a wedding DJ, Promo Only is the way to go. If you're a club dj, i still think Promo Only is great, and they do have more EDM and non-top 40 stuff, I just rarely use it. But obviously Mixcloud & BPM Supreme will probably have more mixes - although, again, not legal.

    Good luck!
    - jj -

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