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Thread: why thread deleted?

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    why thread deleted?

    someone posted a question about broadcasting a DJ set to instagram , which i responded to.
    i logged in today to see if there had been further responses to it, and it seems that it was deleted.

    im just wondering why. was it because of implied copyright infringement involved in DJing on instagram?
    because there was no specific mention of the music that would be played

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    What section was the thread in? I'll go look for it.


    Was this the thread?

    I think that you actually meant this thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by KLH View Post
    What section was the thread in? I'll go look for it.


    Was this the thread?
    no, was a very similar topic i think it was called "live streaming"
    the guy was asking about streaming through his phone

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    I moved the thread to beginners, I left a redirecting marker from forum of origin (General DJ discussion), and I indicated there are two other exact same threads just below that new one.

    I also renamed the thread, because "streaming mixes online" is not the same thing as "OBS problem"

    It seems that a lot of people expect their phone to act as a dedicated stream machine with full quality sound, which is not the case.

    Thanks for your concern, thread closed.
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