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    OBS sound problem


    I guess this is the right place to post if not please feel free to move it.

    I am trying to figure out a way to stream my mixes online via Instagram. I am using a pair of pioneer cdj 850 a Pioneer DJM 250 mixer and I have monitor and pa speakers. The monitor speakers have a basic set of inputs and the pa just have xlr. I have have a Focusrite Scarlett recording box that goes into my mixer and I can use to record clean audio on my laptop. I also have a little numark serato controller that I can plug directly into my pc and record on it I guess, I haven't tried, anyway I want to somehow record my sets with clean audio and video to Instagram live.

    I have tried to plug the cable that came with the numark serato into my headphone jack in on my phone then plugged the RCA cables into the master 2 on my mixer and used my PA speakers as my output speakers and then used my phone to record the video but the mic on my phone was still picking up background noises. I have tried using OBS and yellow duck to run a stream through my laptop but I only got video no audio. I can;t figure it out.

    Do I need to get some more hardware, am I not setting it up right?
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