Hello All,

Music has always been a big part of my life from piano and clarinet lessons as a kid to raves and festivals in my teens.

I still remember attending Slammin Vinyl absolutely clueless to what to wear and what to expect! and having my mind blown!...I have never been the same since lol!

My tastes have grown and drifted through hip hop, DrumNBass, Funky House, Progressive and Trance and my favourite festival is Noisily (Creative intimate event with 6,000 people in the woods dancing and connecting).

I'm endlessly curious and if I like something then I want to know how it works and give it a go, so I have started to mix tunes last year and recently upgraded to DDJ-SX2 & Rekordbox and getting more obsessed with it!

I'm now 34 based in the UK in Watford, work in London.

I'm seeing the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity enjoy making music and sharing beautiful tunes to lift spirits and indulge my new hobby.

So feel free to say hi and share your thoughts.