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Thread: Attenuator advice for streaming via Smartphone

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    Attenuator advice for streaming via Smartphone

    Since I'm still on lock-down, I figure it's a good time to finally stream some live sets to FB. I'm going to use my Samsung smartphone.

    Using the Master 2 output on the back of the mixer (RCA), I'll be using an RCA cable and running it into an adjustable attenuator with RCA in and out. It's adjustable range is approximately 15db to 40db. From there, I have an RCA to TRS cable that I'll be running into a TRS to TRRS adapter.

    Question is, what db output is optimum or recommended for the attenuator?

    There's a lot of options for attenuators. I'm considering buying different types. What I don't want to do is get something too strong or too weak.

    Also, does anyone know what the Master 2 db output is of the mixer I'm using? It's a little 2-channel Pioneer DJM 450.
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