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Thread: DJing Live vs Streaming (Discussing the differences)

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    DJing Live vs Streaming (Discussing the differences)

    The context goes without saying. But in this current situation a lot of us have taken up streaming to keep our sanity.

    however its not exactly the same thing playing live in a bar or club as streaming.
    and Ima believer that you should adjust your approach each time you are in a different situation.

    for example, should we even play at night? or are you likely to get better uptake during the day?
    My experience so far, is that afternoon streaming gets a better response perhaps because people are more likely to listen to music at high volume in their house at that time whereas later at night, they may be chilling out.

    also id suggest you need to be more up to date and cutting edge with the music, maybe more "educational", maybe tell people a little about the music as people are looking to be stimulated by the music, whereas in a bar there is a pressure to play the old favourites just for people to socialise and dance, but maybe online this is boring because people are listening in isolation.

    I'm interested to hear your views on it.
    Is it exactly the same for you? or do you switch into a different gear?

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    DJing Live vs Streaming (Discussing the differences)

    To uplift peopleís spirits Iíve seen many DJís replicate an all out party/club vibe by playing straight bangers no fillers spanning from the 60ís through now. Iíve seen some have themes like 90ís RnB. Iíve contemplated going live, but Iím torn between playing straight bangers or being a little different in regards to the songs within my sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Que Yi View Post
    I’ve contemplated going live, but I’m torn between playing straight bangers or being a little different in regards to the songs within my sets.
    well I guess 2 ways of finding out, is

    1. just have a go at it and see what feels best, after a few streams you will begin to see what's working, for you and also what's getting a response from your followers

    and 2 (probably the most useful one)
    listen to other DJs who play similar styles as you do and see what makes you bored about their sets and what keeps you interested

    currently, for me, im just following my heart, and play a very uncompromising selection of music that I want to hear, and I have had better uptake on it early on in the day.

    Same when i Listen to other DJs, I want to be exposed to new things and I like it during the day while I'm doing things around the house. however, I'm currently Isolating pretty much alone at the moment, so it may be different if i had a house full of friends and we wanted to dance around the living room on a Saturday night.
    See when im in a club and i see a girl i want to dance with , then im less fussy about the music, as long as its appropriate for the moment I dont mind if its an old track. However sitting at home I have zero time for overplayed tracks.
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