The context goes without saying. But in this current situation a lot of us have taken up streaming to keep our sanity.

however its not exactly the same thing playing live in a bar or club as streaming.
and Ima believer that you should adjust your approach each time you are in a different situation.

for example, should we even play at night? or are you likely to get better uptake during the day?
My experience so far, is that afternoon streaming gets a better response perhaps because people are more likely to listen to music at high volume in their house at that time whereas later at night, they may be chilling out.

also id suggest you need to be more up to date and cutting edge with the music, maybe more "educational", maybe tell people a little about the music as people are looking to be stimulated by the music, whereas in a bar there is a pressure to play the old favourites just for people to socialise and dance, but maybe online this is boring because people are listening in isolation.

I'm interested to hear your views on it.
Is it exactly the same for you? or do you switch into a different gear?