Hi all,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place (hope it's not!).

I'm currently trying to set up my laptop so I can stream via twitch/facebook, through OBS (open broadcasting software), but I'm having trouble getting sound from my controller/Serato to OBS itself. I'm currently linked to the from the SR to the Laptop via USB, and from the controller to my KRK speakers via 1/4 inch jack to RCA.

Controller: Pioneer DDJ-SR
Software: Serato
PC: Windows 10
Speakers: KRK RP5

I understand I may need an audio interface (USB) to send the sound from the DDJ-SR's soundcard back to the laptop, can anyone confirm this? I'm unable to find a definitive answer on the internet, as everyone seems to be saying differently.

Also, is anyone able to tell me if it's possible to get the sound from the SR/Serato to the laptop without using an audio interface?

I'd really love some help if possible.

Thanks in advance,