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Thread: DDJ 1000 (Win10) + OBS Not working!

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    DDJ 1000 (Win10) + OBS Not working!

    I'm trying to stream from my DDJ 1000 using OBS on Windows 10. Rekordbox and DDJ 1000 work fine. The problem is when I try to open OBS. Dual PC master output is enabled and blue, but every time I try to open OBS it crashes. Is there something i'm missing? Shouldn't it work just fine. All I have connected to my PC is the USB cable and headphones. Is there a setting somewhere that I forgot to enable or disable. And everything is up to date. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

    I also followed the instructions here and it didn't work:

    Attached is the image of rekordbox settings and OBS not opening up and crashing.

    If the attachment is too small i uploaded here.
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    Try this below. In case of still no joy, I would uninstall then reinstall OBS, just in case you might have some sort of registry problem, or a 32 / 64 compatibility mistake

    OBS run their own support forum:

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