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Thread: issue screen DJ PRIME 4

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    Unhappy issue screen DJ PRIME 4


    I am new to this forum.

    I have an issue with my new DJ prime 4 screen. (see picture)

    I have a small green line running through the touchscreen...

    any idea how to solve it? install an update of the software?

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    Welcome to DJF.

    I'd love to hear about what you think about the PRIME 4... other than the screen, of course!

    Unfortunately, the screen is broken. The controller that manages that row of pixels is shot. The remedy is to send your unit in to get the screen replaced. As the unit should still be under warranty, you shouldn't be out of any money (other than maybe shipping) to fix it.
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    This is a physical defect, it's usually one of 2:

    A bad or loose connection between the graphics system and the display or worse, graphics system failure.

    Sometimes it's physical damage, but then you lose a pixel or 2, not a whole line.

    Both are easy to fix, but nothing that you can do at home without replacement parts. Send it back to the shop and ask for a replacement and / or repair.

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