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Thread: Control Vinyl (CV) collectors unite!

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    It's pretty bad isn't it.

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    Back to the control vinyl subject. I personally don't collect control vinyl, but some of it is pretty cool and probably collectable, but I rather collect real records. I don't collect real vinyl either, although I do have a lot of collectable vinyl. Only reason I have some rare vinyl is because I got them when they first came out years ago when they where new, and just kept them all these years.

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    ^ post some pics!

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    I recently bought a pair of plain black 12" Serato Control vinyl and I'm enjoying using them (my mixer also came with a 7" set though I doubt I'll ever use those). But is collecting Control Vinyl a thing? It's purely functional for me but like anything else I guess it makes sense that there would be unique designs for people to collect.

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