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Thread: Control Vinyl (CV) collectors unite!

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    It's pretty bad isn't it.

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    Back to the control vinyl subject. I personally don't collect control vinyl, but some of it is pretty cool and probably collectable, but I rather collect real records. I don't collect real vinyl either, although I do have a lot of collectable vinyl. Only reason I have some rare vinyl is because I got them when they first came out years ago when they where new, and just kept them all these years.

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    ^ post some pics!

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    I recently bought a pair of plain black 12" Serato Control vinyl and I'm enjoying using them (my mixer also came with a 7" set though I doubt I'll ever use those). But is collecting Control Vinyl a thing? It's purely functional for me but like anything else I guess it makes sense that there would be unique designs for people to collect.

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    I realize this is an old post, but yes I collect control vinyl. that's why I love Serato so much because they have so many different CVs. I like the "Sidewinder" CV and I also like the Serato logo picture disc vinyl. Those two are probably two of my faves. I have some others though. I also have a DJM-S11 mixer with Rekordbox access, so I bought the clear red "Kanji" control vinyl. It's pretty cool, but compared to Serato, ever other DJ system has scarce CV pickins. I'd like to get that Adidas logo CV that I've seen Skratch Bastid use. It looks sick!

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    join the fb group. software control vinyl collectors group

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