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Thread: New Pioneer CDJ's?

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    ^^^ This.

    In the end, make the decision with both eyes open. We live in a world of planned obsolescence and it's not limited to DJ controllers. It's everywhere in the electronics world. Here's one, I spent a boat load the last 20 months on pro audio gear and I mean a boat load - to include building a DJ system. Pro gear is pro gear. The Pioneer you are looking at is high end. My quandry was power amps, which I bought in July of 2018 while out on business trip in Florida. Picked up 8 x used Crown Macro-Tech 5000i's on eBay for ~$0.25 on the dollar. They aren't the latest, but they were only 2 years old, came out of a stadium or other institution and are in pristine condition. Those amps will do a 20 year run easy.

    The Phase Linear amps in my home music system are 30+ years old and were in my sound business in the early 80's. Still working today. Those Pioneers will outlast their technical relevance - probably a 10 year of more lifespan, maybe still valid at 20 years or used as a kick-down unit and replace the frontline with a new one in 5-10 years. High end stuff like the CDJ NXS2's will have the longest relevant lifespan.

    What I'm saying is the better stuff has a longer lifespan every time. I've built ultra high end gaming computers are ran them for 10 years and went from Windows XP when it was new to Windows 7 64 bit and now it's running Windows 10 and use for my audio workstation for the DJ music library.

    It's as much you will be moving into the upper echelon as buying the hardware. Over the years I've never regretted buying the good stuff. The return is there. Many times the return is better.

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    I don't think it's necessary for a CDJ-2000mk3. What they need is just some tweaks to the firmware to alter some functions slightly and add some other things. Quite easy if their new X-ray imaging owners are interested in actually doing it and can push aside some existing arrogance on their product managers and reps part.

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