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Thread: Soundcraft Signature 10 vs Mackie 402VLZ4

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    Soundcraft Signature 10 vs Mackie 402VLZ4

    Hello, I currently have two mixers in my posession:

    Soundcraft Signature 10 External Mixer1

    Mackie 402VLZ4 External Mixer2:

    The Soundcraft is the version I've been using, - but it seems to be an overkill for my occassional jigs .. I barely use all the channels. I was gifted this compact Mackie which I like very much because of its size?

    Is there any advantage (audio quality and fidelity) wise to continue to use the Soundcraft ? Would it make much improvement to the audio from my DDJ sx2, compared to the Mackie?

    thanks - Oyiwaa

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    I don't think you would experience any sound degradation with the Mackie, the VLZ series have always been quite nice. I have a couple Mackie ProFx8's that are functionally the same as the Sig10 and even though it is technically inferior to both the VLZ and Soundcraft still sounds great.
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