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Thread: Best 1 top 1 sub PA

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    Question Best 1 top 1 sub PA

    So I'm been searching for weeks for the best PA. My use is House/Tech House/Techno parties only. I don't have them where I live so I can't test. Personal use, not renting. I use a XDJ-RX2 only.

    Parties are around 50 people for now, indoors and outdoors (not a fixed location), more headroom is appreciated for bigger parties but not absolutely needed. I don't have much space, and just a sedan car, so can't get much more than 1 top 1 sub, maybe a second top later only. Looking for a durable, good and loud sound for the best price.

    Finally I came to the following options:

    EV EKX18sp


    Yamaha DBR10
    RCF Art 710A MK4

    The subs are the same price. I heard that EV and the JBL sub are similar in quality, while the EV sub is more compact (and looks better IMO) so that's a plus.

    The RCF top is 60$ more than Yamaha. I read that the RCF top is better than the Yamaha top. Downside is that RCF has no high pass, so I would have to pair it with the JBL sub because EV sub has no high pass output.

    Another problem is: the RCF top only has one XLR input, and I can only send stereo output (left and right XLR) through my controller, so I would get signal from only one side. I don't know how bad this is (?). Looked for XLR combiner boxes but there are none where I live.

    Yamaha top has two XLR inputs (can I use both left and right outputs from the controller to both inputs on one top?). Yamaha top has RCA too, so I could use that, and it would be easier to play songs casually from a smartphone or computer. Also Yamaha looks better

    I was going to get the EKX18sp and the DBR10. Would the better RCF top sound quality over the DBR really compensate for these downsides? Also is one sub significantly better than the other?

    By the way is the 10" top sufficient for the 18" sub?. As in the sub would limit before the top. I could get a 12" for not much more if needed, but I head 10" sounds better with a sub. Keep in mind I only play EDM.

    There are some other options like: (I live in Brazil and there aren't many options here)
    EV ZLX12P top- Nice DSP, pairs well with the EV sub, but people say it gets hot (and I live in a hot place) and breaks easily.
    RCF HD32/QSC K10.2 top - Very good but double the price, not much of an option.
    EV ELX118p sub - Much cheaper but not as good as the others.
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    I own a bunch of EV boxes and they have been very reliable, out of the components listed the ART710/EKX18sp would be my choice. I am a fan of RCF and like the performance of this series but I'm not crazy about the looks, think I'd rather have the HD version. I'm also a Yamaha fanboy I own some DXR boxes, a mixer and a rack of P series amplifiers but I think the DBR10 would be out classed by the ART710 here with more output and a bit better sound. I usually put ZLX12p or EKX12ps with the EKX18sp subs that I have, I bought 12's as it is the best compromise size between portability and output for my business as they get used standalone occasionally, in your case if you need just a bit more portability 10's won't give up much output, in fact of all the boxes you mentioned I think the Art 710 would probably be the loudest. As for the subs I don't think there would be much if any difference in performance between the EKX and PRX so go with whatever one you prefer, this is a nice level to buy in at though with some pretty decent performance.

    As for the stereo sound problem, have a look in your DJ software to see if you can select mono, I know some of my DJs do that with Serato through a DDJ-SX for some events, this would solve all your cabling problems.
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