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Thread: Generic More Cost Effective QLXD24 Type of Mic

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    Generic More Cost Effective QLXD24 Type of Mic


    Looking for your advice. I have been using Shure for the last 10 years or so. I started with the BLX88 in the H10 band. There was a new radio station that came on board in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area that created a huge amount of issues with drop outs. I was forced to upgrade to the Shure QLXD24 unit - which has worked flawlessly the last year. Now I am looking for a similar generic type of unit that might be a bit more cost effective for a second setup (Think Second Room, or Cocktail for Weddings).

    Is there such a thing? Or just a pipe dream?

    Keep me honest,


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    Not sure. I started with Shure GLXD's which sound great, but the 2.4ghz band is so busy that the GLXD's have problems in some locations. Had dropout problems doing a wedding ceremony using 3 - clergy, groom on belt packs and I had a hand held SM58.

    So, I upgraded to QLXD's V-50 band, which are the low end of the pro-touring class gear. For me, it's just not worth it to risk having issues. QLXD is very close to the ULXD for Shure wireless mics. The ULXD has some additional features such as network monitoring/control and a high-power mode on the transmitters. QLXD's can be paired to ULXD receivers as they are that close. For DJ use, the QLXD is the bang for buck sweet spot in the Shure lineup at the pro level.

    I've used Shure mic's for a long time and just stay with what I know works. If you go with something else to save a few bucks, it needs to be in that class.

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