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Thread: DJ Matt's Latin Mixes

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    DJ Matt's Latin Mixes

    I have started a new initiative of posting my Latin mixes
    I choose different themes which represent the different things I do as a DJ

    Its mostly Latin music, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and some brazilian funk

    heres the first few mixes

    feel free to follow my page or comment, review, critique here on the forum im always open to feedback :-)

    Reggaeton Hits february 2020 Video mix (general reggaeton hits)

    Reggaeton Subterraneo Video Mix (lesser known reggaeton tracks that should have been hits)

    Salsa sounds of Cali Colombia Audio Mix (an example of the particular salsa music that is synonymous with the nightclubs of Cali Colombia)

    Salsa Clasica Video Mix (some older classics and newer tracks with the classic sound)

    Reggaeton sensual Video mix
    (reggaeton tracks with a downtempo sexy feel, this mix is not so much for dancing)
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    weather they like it or not

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