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Thread: Custom dj table

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    Custom dj table

    Hi, I have a set of vestax pdx2000 and about to design and build probably the heaviest coffin out there.Im a concrete counter maker, I use a special type of light concrete with fiber. I'm designing a half like curve and will set the tables on the end inside the concrete, will have a pioneer djm600 or 700 in the center and maybe a efx500 somewhere. It's going to be polished and I'm going to stain a couple colors like in waves. The color will be vestax red and silver and will probably stencil a vestax logo somewhere. The edges are going to be 6in thick but I will have the insides hollowed to probably 2in or 3. The tables will sit inside and the base will be flush with the concrete just revealing the tone arm and platter. Of course to get the most view of the top they will be separated pretty far away unlike your regular coffins. The table will sit on 3 hollowed concrete legs, same color design and will be bolted to the floor where I will set this up and never move it again. My question is how much space do I need for those pdx's to breathe? They are about 18in X 15in. Maybe a couple inches all around? The mixer I will have 1/2 inch holes drilled underneath it every 4inches or so. This whole project will probably weigh 600 pounds with equipment on. I know it sou is crazy but will be bad ass especially with the polished stain and I'm thinking about putting fiber optic lights in the concrete it self. I will post pictures of this project. I've been doing decorating and polished concrete for 20yrs...and have done bigger pieces then this. Wish me luck and if anyone have a idea about the spacing for the decks...please reply

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    I have a pair of Vestax which I put in a coffin for gigs. I can't give you the exact coffin clearence deck sizes. But I would say that you need to watch out for the RCA connections on the vestax. They're located at the back of the deck. And when you stick a cable on them the cables will protrude right out. If you cast your concreate a little bigger than the deck the cables will foul on the back side of your coffin.
    I had to butcher my coffin in that area to allow for the cabling. And on one side I had to use some right angle RCA connectors so the cables could be connected from below the deck. So just be careful will the cabling area, and make the appropriate clearence for cables and connectors.

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