im wondering if anyone can help me. i have recently purchased the Pioneer DDJ 200 to begin learn how to DJ. I have used it a few times using my Iphone and an APP called DJAY which works great but the screen is too small and sometimes difficult to work with.
So i have tried setting up on my Macbook Air. I have downloaded DJAY Pro 2 for the laptop. I have successfully logged into my spotify premium account on here which is fine but when plugging in my DDJ 200's i cant do anything. I have found the tab 'MIDI' and the configure this device section but It wants me to select an action for every single button/slider/wheel movement on the decks which im finding very long winded and i dont know what all the available actions are used for. is there an automatic setup for this like basic functions for the buttons to start with?? im very lost.

any help would be much appreciated