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Thread: Playing from Alternate files from 2 folders

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    Playing from Alternate files from 2 folders

    Hi, I donít know if this is possible. I am looking for help for the right app etc or manipulation of files. I have 2 folders with differ genre of music in them. Folder A has country music and folder B has rock and roll. Is it possible to set up that each file plays in order in each alternate folder? For example - A track 1, B track one, A track 2, B track 2 ..... I am looking to play a set amount of tracks and would like to play music without having to rename the files manually or manually load them on to a table etc.
    Any ideas.
    Thank you

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    How long is your set?

    It would take less than 10 minutes to create a playlist in your music player of choice of the tracks in order by dragging and dropping.

    As you are not mixing the tracks, then really it aint gonna take much time at all. Like 1 minute per hour of your mix set.

    Plus you'll get better control of exactly which tracks will be played in which order.
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