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Thread: How to use a Bozak Rotary Mixer.

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    By the way, Buzzy Beck is not dead. I talk to him all the time. Light-O-Matic is right, you can't mix in the headphones on a Bozak, but I learned on a Bozak, so it doesn't bother me. I never used a monitor either, I just got used to the delay from the dance floor speakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panotaker View Post
    I never used a monitor either, I just got used to the delay from the dance floor speakers.

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    If you're using media players with twin pairs of outputs on each, you can send one set of outputs to headphones such as on a passive sum box or selector prior to a headphone amp (or just manually swap cable plugs), and then the other outputs to a potentiometer-based passive sum box followed by this output either into a mic or hi-z guitar pre-amp or into the ADC stage of an audio interface if you're streaming/recording. You'll get very similar sound to a Bozak, particularly if you use a hi-z or tube preamp after the pot-based mixing passive sum box.

    FWIW, the channel volume pots need to be at max to get the most out of the mixer sonically while you use the master out to control the normal play-out volume. The inferior method of acting like the channel volumes are unity at 7 and have boost past 7 out of 10 on them is an understandable method of convenience when using them. Unity on those channel volumes is actually 10, though, as those are just passive pots and there's no gain stage until after the passive mix bus on the Bozak. I believe the new Bozaks and Iso420 may be similarly-designed.
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