Hello kind folk
Iím new here so just doing my greetings to all. My Dj tag is Petey and I have been professionally playing for 30 years. I started playing because I was originally in a rock band, but we were splitting about $300 between 5 members and it just wasnít worth it. Then I came out and got really into the club and rave scene -it was a crazy and wonderful time! I had a 7 year residency at the biggest gay club in our town and played large dance parties and festivals across the state.
Eventually, of course, I had to get a ďrealĒ job, so I became a manager at 5 star hotels, but I always kept my toe in the water with my DJ work.
Nowadays, I work in social welfare and it is a demanding, difficult job, so more than ever I need my creative outlet for sanity!
I enjoy slightly harder trancey stuff around the 140-145 arena, and it works nicely in my town. Obviously, having done this for so long, I can also rip out disco, house and chart, gay anthems, techno or anything needed for the occasion! I use digital nowadays, but have over 2000 cds and close to as many vinyl! Looking forward to engaging in this forum, thanks for reading!