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Thread: Looking for a replacement Amp/mixer that will work with my current setup

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    Looking for a replacement Amp/mixer that will work with my current setup

    Hey all. I figured coming to a DJ forum would be my best bet to get answers as I am not too familiar with Amp systems. This setup is going on a Party / Head boat for fishing. We currently have 12 speakers running of this system and then we have a long wired microphone ran up top to where the wheel house is for the captain to give announcements. Our current amp / mixer is a "show PA-41000" it appears the speakers are run into a bust bar in groups of 4 and then one wire ran from the bust bar to the the channels at the top right of the amp / mixer. There is 3 total bust bars for a total of 12 speakers. Check out pics I posted.

    Pretty much, the issue we are having is after speaking into the microphone for about 15 seconds, the audio is cutting out. We have replaced the microphone 2 or 3 times with no better results. The same issue occurs.

    My question is, what type of system do I need to replace this current amp/ mixer. Im assuming the system is bad and possibly over heating?? Not sure. The only thing we need is for the microphone to work through all the speakers. And then we have a car style radio. (AM/FM/BT/CD player) So it needs to be able to play that. Currently, the radio is ran via an AV cable.

    I have included some pictures to show the setup we have. This same setup has been on the boat for over 20 years.

    Thank you in advance
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    That appears to be a 4 channel zone amplifier and you are only using 2 of the output channels. I think the problem is with the way the speakers are connected, four speakers in parallel is a 2ohm load(assuming 8ohm speakers) and not many amps will tolerate that so it is very likely you would have the same problem with a new amp unless the speaker wiring is changed. Do you know what the speakers are?
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    Question, does the speakers that you're using have transformers?
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    It appears to be a poorly designed system.

    Starting over is highly recommended.
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