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Thread: Hip-Hop Dj trouble with transitions

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    Hip-Hop Dj trouble with transitions

    i've been having some trouble with transitions for the music i play, i usually play all rap, hip hop and r&b; no other genres because that the type of music my audiences want to hear. But all of the transition tutorials or mixing tutorial i've watch only show beat matching or some type of transition that simply just does not work for my library. I am often switching between a 130 bpm song and a 80 bmp song and i just can beat match songs like that because it would distort the coming in song just too much. Are there any suggestions someone could give me, i'm just looking for that one transition that's perfect and i will probably just use that transition over and over again and throw some samples in between so the crowd stays alive and not get bored of the same transition. Any advice would be super helpful and i would be very appreciative.
    (extra info you may need to give me advice , Location:east coast USA controller: DDJ-400, Laptop:Microsoft surface , program: Rekordbox, speakers: Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitors.
    Thank you, please help me out.

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    take a look here: ad here

    also, u can buy songs from record pools that have a 130 to 80 transition built in so u can use that as a transition tool to go between genres.

    songs like this:
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