Not sure how to ask this in a condensed manner. I'm sure everyone has better things to do than address my ignorance.

I have the aforementioned items connected and the sound itself is fine. But, I seem to be peaking really bad with so many variations of volume from 1)Mac 2)DJ software 3)gain on deck 4)master volume on deck 5) slide volume on each side of deck 6)gain on board 7)volume on board channel 8)master volume on board and 9) db gain on speakers.

I have been getting really bad distortion at a higher slide, even with a low gain. I feel I have tried to lower the output of the computer and work my way up through the system and vise versa. Still peaking in red on the board and distortion at a higher volume. Speakers are EV 1000w. Tried with my QSC 1000w as well but same outcome.

Any suggestions? Am I trying to run it through too much and if so, how do I simplify this process? I like to have full control over my music and multiple mic's as well as mix live at events.

Thank you in advance.