Hello guys!This is Danny from Taiwan. I'm not a DJ, I just scratch alot.

I got a really cheap used DJ-Tech DIF-1M couple month ago.(DIF-1S with midi button)
It comes with a defective "mini innofader", so I upgrade it to a "mini innofader plus".
After fixing the crossfader, I found another problem with its line fader.

Both of my line fader response very slow...(so slow that I cant even scratch with them)
I took it apart and replaced a blown out 10uF capacitor on the circuit board.
The capacitor didn't fix the mixer.

Does anyone have similar problem like this with their DIF-1M (Or other brand mixer)?
As I know there is another DIF-1M user here in Taiwan,he said he had no problem with his DIF-1M after years of abusing...
I've been google around and found nothing related to this kind of line fader lag/slow response issue..
I tried send e-mail to DJ-Tech, But they seem disappeared for a long time...
If anyone knows what to do/Which part should I check. or maybe how should contact I DJ-Tech properly..
Please help!!Thanks