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Thread: Which turntable to do recommend for somone on a budget??

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    Thumbs up Which turntable to do recommend for somone on a budget??

    I am looking for a decent turntable in the $300 to $400 for light to mid level mixing which one do you recommend?? How about these are they any good Reloop RP-4000MK2 Pioneer PLX-500 Audio-Technica AT-LP1240.

    What about a older used turntable in the $150 to $250 how about these Gemini PT 2000 TT 04 XL-1800Q IV Numark TT 500 TTX

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    Of those mentioned - AT-LP1240. It's basically a Reloop 7000. The rest are weaker models. With the AT you may have some isolation problems if used in a club. Best option is second hand Technics 1200 mk2-mk5, if you can find it.

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    From what you listed I would go with Numark TT 500 or Numark TTX. Both are built like tanks plus have better feedback isolation & higher torque than the Technics SL-1200 MK2. (If it's in really good condition, unlike Technics, most people don't restore Numark, Stanton, and Reloop.)

    TTX > TT500

    TTX has variable torque so you can set it really weak like a Technics, the pitch fader can be placed in the battle position or regular position, there are different pitch options, reverse, variable brake, variable start, and 78 RPM. They originally came with both a straight arm and an S arm, but a lot of people lose the one they don't use. (Just like turntables that come with a dust cover often aren't included when sold used.)
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