Hi everybody,

So I recently came across a working Sony PS-LX2. A neighbor had put it out on the sidewalk with their old stereo setup. Everything down to the arm and semi-automatic controls seem to be in good condition, all it needs is a new cartridge and stylus. I've got a decent belt drive USB turntable that I use for sampling and listening, however I've always been interested in scratching over my production. I've been making music for a while now but am pretty much a novice when it comes to DJing. I've worked out some beginner scratching techniques on friends' decks in the past though.

Would this Sony, assuming it works alright, be suitable to use for my studio purposes? And if so, I'd appreciate any suggestions on a good replacement cartridge and needle. I'm looking into getting a cheap mixer as well. This is just hobbyist stuff right now so I'd prefer to keep things under $100 if possible. Thanks!