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Thread: Man Crib Setup advice

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    Man Crib Setup advice

    Hi, we are a couple of friends and built a little something for our selfs (a small man's crib) and looking for some advice about sound setup. It's 70 square meter room, and i am searching for an affordable subwoofer / speakers setup with some deep bass even on low volume levels. I hope this is the right section to ask for advice ? budget would be around 500-1000e .... Any feedback is welcomed


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    Quote Originally Posted by vcosmin View Post
    It's 70 square meter room
    That's only about 25' by 25'. A hi-fi is going to sound a lot better in a room that small than a PA system will.

    With such a small budget I'd recommend Sony or Yamaha. They offer the best sound for the buck.
    I would also try looking at used equipment since 1,000 euros is bearly enough to buy a decent new subwoofer let alone new speakers.
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    I would suggest second hand.

    There are so many options out there that there is no right or perfect answer.

    However I would suggest a subwoofer with 12" driver and two floor-standing speakers with 6" drivers with the necessary amplification.
    Finding this stuff in Romania is probably difficult but could be possible, and maybe run under budget if you buy older stuff.
    Try to buy hifi brand stuff and not he general electrical brands.

    For example a REL sub and Tannoy/Kef/Focal speakers with amps from Denon/Rotel/Nad.
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