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Thread: New Pioneer DJM-V10

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    I very much liked the overall concept of having extra channels and the isolator, the compressor is a nice feature too but as stated a lot of people are going misuse it.
    That and the sound quality makes it a viable option for using it in a hi-fi. Like the Rane MP2015.

    But the V-10's price tag has it costing as much as some of the audiophile mixers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by efinque View Post
    Not quite sure how it could be done.. I think most of the built-in "one knob" FET/VCA compressors have roughly a -20..0dB threshold control and while space is dear they are based around a single compandor chip such as the NE571/575 (in other words the control voltage signal to the gain reduction circuitry cannot be reversed so that it would truly expand; it's more of a less welcome side-effect from the compromises made in the circuit design)
    It's a digital mixer so they can model any behavior they want.

    But, not that anyone would bother doing this.. but sure, if you wanted to build a single knob compressor/expander, it would def be possible. In both a compressor and an expander, the input signal is rectified and low passed to create a control signal that is fed to a gain control element. In the case of a compressor, it is wired so that the gain decreases with increased input, with the expander it is the opposite (the control signal is inverted). So, to make a one knob compressor/expander, what you need is a circuit in which the gain element is biased to somewhere near its center.. so let's say you have access to 40 dB of gain adjustment, you bias it to -20dB, so when nothing is happening, no control input.. it's presenting -20db gain. Now, if you add the control voltage to that bias voltage (using an op amp), you create compression, if you subtract it, you create expansion. Then you just need a circuit which uses one potentiometer to steer the control voltage input through the inverting or non-inverting side of an op amp or pair of op amps which are then summed.... however you do it, you get the effect that when the inverting and non-inverting control signals are equal, it cancels. So at knob center, nothing happens. Turn to the left, expansion, to the right, compression.

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    "In the early 1990s, the Bose AM-5 held some 30% of the US speaker market. Not Bose the company. Just the AM-5."

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    Yeah, V10 is digital. Not sure why some of the posters are going on about analog compressors, VCA, or the DJM-500/600.

    DJM-1000 is WAY better sounding than the old analog Pioneer mixers.

    Agreed on the danger of compressors, which is why I tell people to turn off DJ mixer limiters.

    Agreed that the V10 is being marketed to audiophile DJs and listening bars, who we can hope appreciate not only sound quality but dynamics, though we can't tell yet the V10 is really of the calliber of the Iso420, MP2015, X1700, or DB4. I suspect if InMusic ever gets off their booty and improves Prime's audio processing considerably that the X1800/1850 is capable of being of that level, too, just from a firmware update, especially considering its current impressive digital to digital bass quality compared to the DJM-900NXS2's bloat that seems unchanged since the DJM-800.
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