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Thread: DJ Table question.

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    DJ Table question.

    I'd like to buy a skirt for the DJ tables they make. (One example is the Odyssey table). Since the table is carpeted, do they make a Velcro table skirt for it?

    I'd like to make my set up look cleaner. Another option is to just purchase a 24 X 48 foot table and use a table cloth. I'm a wedding DJ and my set up fits on a table.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    2 options that I use frequently.
    - Lycra table skirt
    - Full size DJ fašade

    Table skirts are designed to fit standard sized folding tables.. 4ft, 6ft. They do a good job if hiding most things but do leave a few gaps. Super compact though.
    A DJ fašade hides everything and usually come with black and white scrims but they are pretty big even when folded up.
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