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Thread: How to get your first gig

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    How to get your first gig

    I've been a bed room dj for a good 5 years and have gone to schools to learn but i dont know how to get a gig. i go out to different bars,venues, underground raves.
    i heard you want to talk to promoters or the management of what ever said venue.
    i get worried if i try to talk to someone i will ruin opportunities .

    any advice on how to start?

    as well im 25 and i freaking love to dj and hope to make a career out of it regardless where i end up and this is my first time ever using a forum so i hope i'm doing this right.

    thank you!

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    I have the same problem. I send messages to promoters and organisers but they don't really answer. I also asked a few labels if i could do a podcast for them, but nothing. I could use some advice here too.

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    Honestly, it's pretty hard out there. My advice is to just do it for the love and not put so much pressure on yourself to make a career of it. Try and find a genre of music to focus on, with preferably a small tight knit scene, and then attend every single event...Get to know all the people, and make connections. It takes time and even then it's still hard to get regular gigs, but if you become a regular at events, opportunities will surely arise. Best of luck.

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    Echoing what Icewind said, it's about networking. You need to attend events in the local scene and make a point to get to know regulars you will find there. Ask questions about how each show works and who organizes it, but don't be pushy. You need to do this consistently to become recognized and part of the community, but you need to be authenticate about it. In the process you'll also make new friends and learn more about music and DJing.

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