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Thread: Switching from Digital to Vinyl- Thoughts?

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    Switching from Digital to Vinyl- Thoughts?

    Ultimately would switching to vinyl support me in becoming a better tech house/ techno dj? Ive been mixing for two years and have got a few gigs under my belt which i never thought would be possible lol. I never mix with visual aids apart from where in the track I am which I want to move away from. I want to feel more connected to the music that I'm playing. Or am i way off the mark here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jambon View Post
    Ultimately would switching to vinyl support me in becoming a better tech house/ techno dj?
    No, it will not.
    It might make scratching easier to learn, but that is it.
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    I get much more pleasure playing, from the pure mixing perspective, original vinyl than DVS or CDs [shudder].

    Same as compared to a potter spinning a potter's wheel by hand compared to controlling a machine producing pots.

    However, in this day and age with all the benefits of digital (tracks, sound quality, FX, loops etc) I can't justify my caveman ways out in the DJ market.
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    You don't need to completely switch...grab some turntables and vinyl, and keep your CDJs or whatever digital media you are using. Best of both worlds.

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    The only reason I still play vinyl is because I always have. I have a lot of records that aren't available digitally. If I were to start from scratch today, I'd go digital. Vinyl has a lot of limitations that you won't have to deal with in the digital world. Records cost a lot of money and they take up a lot of space. You'll need records if you want to spin records. I wouldn't recommend getting into vinyl DJing at this time... Except if you're into a kind of music that was prevalent before the digital era; for instance reggae, disco, or synth-pop. Digging through old records is a lot more fun that scrolling through endless lists of edm tracks in front of a screen. That's for sure.

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