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Thread: Speakers and generator needed

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    Question Speakers and generator needed

    Hey guys, a newbie here.

    So Iím not very technically minded but somehow I can DJ pretty good. Put a mixer and VDJ in front of me and I off I go. But when it comes to equipment Iíve never had to supply my own because the bars/clubs Iíve played so far have all either been where I just plug in my numark nv2 or they have Cdjís and djmís already there.

    However Iíve been asked to host an outdoor party which Iím really looking forward to.
    This party is going to be somewhat a renegade party. We kinda have permission from the farm owner To use some land (he said heíll turn a blind eye but if police arrive he knows nothing haha)

    The issue I have is the guys who are wanting me to DJ it for them are paying me £500.
    This will need to cover the cost of speakers and to hire a generator.
    The venue is open land and thereís going to be max 50people.
    The music will mainly be bass music.
    I have 2 x equinox domin8r lights and 2 x 70w orbit moving heads already.
    A laptop and my numark nv2

    So what speakers do you guys recommend (cheaper the better to be honest if like to make a profit too)
    And any advice on the size of generator would be helpful too

    Thanks in advance, if any more info needed or if you need me to explain better Iíll reply ASAP

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    Rent both the speakers and the generator. You'll never be able to buy everything you need within your budget much less turn a profit.

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    If you have a Guitar Center local, rent from there. I DJ'ed a 50th birthday party last year for about 100 guests based on heavy metal and rock. I used my buddy's two 15" Mackie Thump loudspeakers and rented a QSC KSUB from Guitar Center. The subwoofer rental was $75 with a small security deposit. I was getting compliments all night on how awesome it sounded.

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    For a generator, I'd suggest an inverter type. No, not for any of the usual reasons about power quality. They are quiet and that's a plus for outdoor jobs. A 3000W should do it, unless powering other things besides your gear like outdoor lights.

    For garden weddings I use a Honda EB2800i - these things are great and the engine RPM is automatically adjusted to match the load so, lighter load means more quietest operation. 100' is a preferred distance, but for dance music, 2x 50' 12ga lines will work great.

    Have fun!

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