Hey guys,

I'm going to buy my first DJ controller. I know the theory behind some basic stuff, and I also know some basics within Ableton.

First of all, I know that I don't want anything below these 2 controllers for what I have searched. Going up right now maybe neither just because of the price.

My real question is:
Does the FX options on the SB3 give you much more than the DDJ400? How much impact does it make on a beginner, the fact that in the DDJ400 I can only use one at a time, and in only 1 deck at a time??
More, are there any significant differences about looping?

So, basically, would I miss anything while buying the DDJ400?

And then it all comes to the thing where a lot of people try to get answers, if SB3 has significant advantages, would it compensate the bigger price I would pay for Serato PRO?
Should I forget all of this and just buy like a mixer\controller and go DJin in Ableton?

Tried to resume all of my doubts in once, hope you get what I'm trying to figure out (what I'm trying to do with my money, time and career experience)

Thank you guys!