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Thread: Reloop 8000 mk2's

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    That's 25 eq curves, not bands. Seems to be helpful, although I'm not really a fan of dsp.
    All are near-field monitors, so to fill a big room with big sound it takes something different. But I expect a decent sound. For around 200-250 that's the best you can get new. Tannoy Gold 5 are interesting too, but not offered in your store and are quite new, not proven yet. A used hifi amp/speakers may offer more.

    RP5 & Rokit 5 should be the same.

    Cables: XLR female to XLR male, for each speaker. Like these, but separated completely or enough on the speaker side, maybe they are:

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    hi guys!

    i picked up some Rokit 5s ...130 for the pair, in excellent condition so was hard to say no! ..thanks again for all your help over the past week or so, you lot are a top bunch, im sure theres going to be many more questions over the next few weeks regarding this traktor software as thats all newskool to me!

    cheers again

    P.S ive posted a few pics up in the pics thread!


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