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Thread: Favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones?

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    Favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones?

    For those who love listening to music when riding your favorite wireless bluetooth headphones? I don't always listen to music when I ride with but when I do I use some Plantronics I bought from Costco that are wireless Bluetooth but after about 30 minutes they kill my ears. Looking for other wireless Bluetooth options. What did you get?
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    bought 3 headphones:

    behringer HPX6000

    using this for my home studio so i dont have to take my sonysMDR-V700DJ in and out of my dj bag. good backup ones. highly recommend it for a cheap set to keep at home. btw, my i have been using my sonys for over 10 yrs and they r still rockin!

    sennheiser HD 4.40BT . Got these as a gift. Good bass for the price range. good for normal everyday commute:

    upgrade the ones above to the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless OH MY GOD THE BASS ON THIS YO!

    if u love bass, u need to get these!
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    Favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones?

    I use the Vmoda Crossfade Wireless for Bluetooth listening and as a backup pair to my wired Crossfade cans. Great quality and customer service.

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