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Thread: Back after 25 Years, I need Mixer recommendations for Vinyl and DVS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred-Dibna View Post
    I know that already, but the post is about vinyl AND DVS so the built in audio interface of the PX5 is where I was talking about converters and the D-A converters in the PX5 are excellent.
    So what do you think about the analog circuitry px5 vs 23 (or 43)?

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    So I finally picked up the Mixer and I went with the DJM 450 to use with Tech Tables and control vinyl and real vinyl. I am waiting for it to arrive this week.
    Does the manual explain what programs I need to down load? Should I update the firmware in it?
    Any set up tips for the software Would be great, I am using a windows system, Win 7 and Win 10.
    I looked on the website and I see there is different versions and what not, I only plan to use Control Records and real records at this time.
    Thank you

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    nice! congrats! so from the website it looks like rekordbox dvs is going to be bundled wth your mixer. so you will have a license key with the mixer when u get it. youtube rekordbox dvs djm 450 setup. let us know if u have any questions
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