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Thread: pioneer DDJ-SR cue bleeds through program

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    pioneer DDJ-SR cue bleeds through program

    Has anyone else had this problem? It's intermittent, though more often than not, it happens. I've been using the channel 2 fader, putting it all the way down, so I can use cue without it coming out in the main mix. Channel 1 works fine. I've been a DJ fifteen years and used analog mixers, including from Pioneer. And, I had a Denon digital rack mount mixer prior, so this isn't my first rodeo. If it is user error, can it be something in Serato?

    Again, I've been using it by dumping ch. 2 levels to cue, but that's really annoying, especially the few times I've forgotten I've dumped the fader when hitting play.

    I'm not sure I can replace the crossfader on this model if it's an internal issue. (sad face)

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    ordered new crossfader

    Well, we'll see if a crossfader replacement does the trick. For $30, I'll have an answer as to whether it's hardware or software.

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