I am looking to upgrade my mixer.... my current one is a behringer VMX 300 (it was thrown in with my 1210s that I purchased from a friend of a friend). Due to its age and apparent extensive use it is no longer performing how I want and I think to help me progress with learning to mix I need something a bit new but still quite simple and not too expensive.

I was looking at the Allen & Heath Xone:23 but as I may also look to incorporate DVS in the future I was also considering going for the PIONEER DJM-250Mk2 with Rekordbox and Time code vinyl Bundle.

There is not much difference in price, the pioneer is actually £75 more but includes software and timecode vinyls. So also seems a fair price.

Can anyone recommend one over the other or suggest any better... also what are your thoughts with recordbox?

I donít really want to go much over £300ish.

Thanks in advance