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Thread: Speaker Setup Theories and Manufacturer Models/Series...???

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    Speaker Setup Theories and Manufacturer Models/Series...???

    I know most experienced DJ's will tell you that you should try and have a speaker setup that encompasses ONE manufacturer's line/series in order to maintain 'continuity'. For example having both top and bottom JBL STX series.

    But...what if your in a situation where you are not able to buy all speakers within ONE manufacturer's line all at the same time...? I mean...its not like its the end of the world if for instance I have JBL subs and QSC Tops right...? I am pretty sure there are 'purists' out there that will tell you otherwise.

    I have been seeing some good deals lately on speakers but I am trying to work within a budget. I have a pair of 15" QSC tops already but I don't have any subs. I am wanting some subs and seeing as how its black friday weekend...I saw a pretty good deal for some JBL subs and am wanting to jump on them before its too late.

    Are there any problems or issues that I can potentially run into by 'mixing and matching' different manufacturer lines/series...? What about staying within one manufacturer but utilizing 2 separate series...? For example...all JBL with EON tops and STX bottoms.

    What are your guys thoughts and/or experience...? Should I keep to the 'purist code' and try to get all ONE manufacturer's series/line...?
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    Generally speaking mixing different models and even different brands is not the end of the world. The new EV powered boxes all include presets for every other EV series from ZLX to ETX so there is no problem at all to use ZLX tops with EKX or ETX subs which is what I do often. And another thing with powered speakers in particular.. sometimes all the crossovers are in the subs, that means if you try to use the tops with another brand sub you would need an external crossover.. which kind of defeats some of the convenience of powered speakers.
    With passive speakers processing can also be an issue, if you keep it within the Harman family for example there is a good chance your processor of choice will have appropriate presets preloaded or it's available to download. Of course you can make just about any combo work.. plug in a standard 80-100hz crossover and let her rip but don't kid yourself you won't get the absolute best from the speakers
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    Speaker Setup Theories and Manufacturer Models/Series...???

    I understand your situation very well. I run my Yamaha DXR 12 tops with my EV live X 118 subs all the time. The crossover point is120. Sounds great every time with and without using my driverack units. I started with the matching EV live X 12 inch tops and came across the Yamaha Tops. My plan was to change to Yamaha subs but I couldnít find a good enough deal to justify upgrading the subs. The EVís do exactly what I need them to do for my event types.

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