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Thread: 15 Useful Tips For FL Studio

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    Exclamation 15 Useful Tips For FL Studio

    15 interesting tips & tricks for Fruity Loops that you will find useful.

    1. Use the Peak Controller
    2. Keep all Windows open
    3. Close all Windows at once
    4. Undo properly
    5. Spear Playlists
    6. Give live feel to your Instruments
    7. Insert gaps in your Timeline
    8. Duplicate automation clips
    9. Create reversed reverb
    10. Smart disable & save CPU usage
    11. Faster Recording
    12. Copy/move Effects
    13. Convert VST into Sample
    14. Get the notes of a Sample
    15. Smoother transition between Vocals

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    Should have been called 15 not really explained random beginner things that you'll find in the manual. With a clickbait in the right bottom corner.

    Pro tip: you don't just set a kick drum one way this way because that's how one psytrance dude did. Real pros do (multiple) layer their kicks, will set up a bus to sidechain compress that, and spend some time setting it right instead of relying of a ready made setup.

    That said, people should really learn their keyboard shortcuts...

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