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Thread: Controller advice for an analogue dj..

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    Controller advice for an analogue dj..

    Hi guys,I'm new to this forum. Looking for some advice on controllers. I used to DJ years ago,using vinyl until the clubs started only having cdj's so I bought some 400's and used them for around 2 years. It's been a good 6 years since I've wanted a mix after selling all my stuff. I am looking at getting a controller rather than a full set up again. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I've got my eye on the Roland 505 at the moment. This is what I want from a controller so if anyone could recommend one that sounds ideal for,that would be great.

    Want to learn how to scratch.
    Jog wheel has vinyl mode.
    Pitch adjust to 100 (most seem to be 50-/+)
    Some features that I can use for effects.
    Mid range controller as I'm not a beginner.
    Have around 400 pounds to spend but could stretch to 500.

    What's everyone's recommendations please?

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    I know you asked this question some time ago. What did you decide to go with? IMO The 505 is a great controller and offers all the features that most mid line controllers offer and more. The drum machine opens up a new avenue of creativity to mixing.

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