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Thread: looking for affordable general* studio monitors

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    looking for affordable general* studio monitors

    hi, iam stuck with old gear and looking for new general* studio monitors, not those who are used as "reference", iam talking about a speaker that gives a good image of the final result, pretty much like a regular speaker but more accurate as most studio monitors 10 years ago were

    i tried todays yamahas' HS-5's and JBLs' LSR 305, which were completely not what i was looking for, ssound, iam looking for the simple method, the one that gives the image of final result.
    if you know what i mean, please help,

    for example... the old yamahas' "hs-50" and hs-80\ the Samson "Resolve A6s' and the "classic" Rokits' that were there 10 years ago
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