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Thread: Cleaning SZ after drink spill

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    Cleaning SZ after drink spill

    first time forum user, looking for a video or info on how to clean under the sz controller cover plate. drink fell onto the controller and it is tripping. it switches from 1 and 2 decks to 1 and 4 @THRU signal while playing in deck 1 and 2. is it possible to clean under the cover or to remove cover? Thanks!

    SZ started to act up. after gig, next day i checked to see if any affects of a drink falling onto my sz and 1 and 2 was fine until it switched from deck two to four in the THRU position. and, while pushing shift button i noticed the lights on the deck blink as if there are things are wrong. how do i clean this up? Help!
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    This is going to take more than just a simple wipe under the cover. When you spill a drink, turn off immediately, leave the unit where it is and leave to dry for a few days. Or you may simply do more damage. From what you describe, you may have damaged the internals due to shorting. The liquid you spilled has moved around as you moved the controller.

    Switches usually cannot be cleaned after liquid damage, it smells like you will need to have the unit sent for repair.

    Plenty of tutorials on youtube if you use their search bar, but I would not touch it if you don't know what you're doing.

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