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Thread: Trying to lighten my weight by using smaller gauge electical cords.

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    Trying to lighten my weight by using smaller gauge electical cords.

    I am getting old and my back reminds me of that every night after a gig. I always carry a lot of extra cords to be prepared for just about any situation. I have a few 50' cords that are very thick and heavy. I want to replace them with more normal cords but am unsure if that is a good idea and if so, what gauge do I need to get? I don't have a huge of amount of juice that is required for my mobile set up. I am more worried about the few times I need to run power 100' or more to my gear.

    I really know very little about electricity and all that magic mumbo-jumbo that makes the lights turn on and off so any advice you give, please keep it simple.

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    What does your typical system consist of? I would not suggest replacing the long cables unless they are grossly oversized but it's quite possible all the shorter cables could be downsized.

    I have a few big cables that only come out for certain events, those include 2 14ga 40ft cables with quad boxes on them, 1 12ga 60ft cable and 1 10ga 50ft cable. I have a bag of extensions that goes to all events that are 14 to 18ga in lengths from 10-25ft. All my lighting is LED so I don't use anything bigger than 18ga with any of that, the 14 an 16ga extensions are used to supply pairs of powered speakers mainly or if I need a longer cable to power a lighting stand for example.

    You could also take a hard look at what cables get used most often and only bring those inside with the gear leaving the others in the vehicle, if you need something bigger you know it's close by.
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