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Thread: Questions for anyone familiar with raves or similar.

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    Question Questions for anyone familiar with raves or similar.

    This is going to be a bit long winded so please bear with me. I tried searching the topic over the internet and in this forum but i'm getting the feeling this is something of an unwritten rule so there's nothing published anywhere.

    So over the past few years my friends got me into the rave scene ( in Europe, east ) and there are several private PSY events and public rave parties I have attended over the years. Usually at these events people tend to enhance their performance to keep up with the beat or immerse fully into the sound and let's be honest: nothing better than to dance all night to good music in the company of friends and other party goers. But I'm getting the feeling my friends haven't picked up the ways the (good?) DJs are talking to the crowd OR IM JUST GOING INSANE but hear me out:

    I understand that a big part of a great party is crowd reading by DJs, so I'm looking for some background info on the different ways the DJs are communicating with the more seasoned crowd that I might be missing.

    Some examples:

    I've noticed that sometimes you DJs send out "scorching" samples (hard to describe, like a rev limiter if it were a car) in your music trying to find answers of how big of a portion of the crowd have enhanced themselves for the looooong night (usually a show of hands in the air by people dancing) so you can pick a tempo for them or side with the honest dancers on the floor.

    Playing sirens or similar - by my last experience I guess they mention there might be some wolves in the den. I'm only hoping that the dj is on the crowd's side and have an eye to pick out people who don't belong and might get you in trouble so a warning goes out

    There are some more things I think i have noticed but it's hard to put my finger on it as I'm usually not among the honest dancers.

    So, finally:

    Am I going insane and nobody actually does this with any special kind of meaning or is there some truth behind this, because me friends seem to not have noticed any of this. As a novice raver i'd like to hear about your experience on either side of the fence. All other examples are more than welcome.

    Thanks for taking your time.

    Mods, if I go against any rules, sorry. Feel free to delete this if super weird question. Also not a native speaker so apologies for weird use of language.

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    yeah... lets all have what he's had!

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    Let me try to parse this out.

    Some people at raves take drugs. The OP wants to know if DJs actively look for people in the crowd that seem to be on drugs.

    The quick answer is no. I know of no DJs that look for people in the crowd that are on drugs. As a DJ, he or she may think that people are on drugs, but no DJ that I've met have this in the job description.

    The DJ simply tries to keep the crowd dancing and continue the flow of energy between the music and the crowd.
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    I think the OP is having a laugh.

    There's no need to spot people on drugs at a good rave. Because everybody will be.

    No idea what is meant by wolves, warning sirens or "honest dancer".

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    There is no siding with the sobers or those off their heads, the job is to make everyone dance.

    Now at raves, it is well known that the vast majority are off their heads.

    Not sure if that question even needs to be asked.

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    reading this almost gave me stroke.... what the fuck is he talking about?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlNapp View Post
    reading this almost gave me stroke.... what the is he talking about?!
    How to manage the ecstacy crowd...

    This just happened not far away from me, kids taking over an unused shop. Police only arrested one guy with laughing gas canisters (legal to buy as for whipped cream dispensers).

    Hundreds of people took part in an illegal rave at a disused store.

    There was a major police response to the party at the Carpetright in Strood Retail Park at 11.30pm last night, and one man was arrested.

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    Haha, great post Mr. Lurker, loving it
    But, according to your profile, you haven't been back on the forums for over a week since you posted it. Or.. are you just "lurking"?

    By "PSY" do you mean psytrance? Or are you still talking about raves? They are a bit different. You won't hear any sirens or horns at a psy event.. it's just not that kind of vibe.
    But the answer to your question is NO, there's no secret code. The DJ just looks out on the dancefloor and sees how it's grooving. DJ's who play this kind of party are usually in the scene and have gone to many such parties and know what it feels like out on the dancefloor and they will play accordingly.. and if it's not working, play something else... But there's no special bat signal, you just look at how people are dancing to know whether what you are playing is working the way you want or not...

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    if sirens going off in the music meant cops were near then every club/rave i've been to in my life would have been busted. you're in your head too much, OP. thanks for sharing tho!
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