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Thread: Im interested in some speakers. I need help planning this pls

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    When I'm not playing at venues I will use this in my room. I would let it sit on the floor or lay it horizontally.

    The room isnt small. Neighbours are not a problem. I don't have accurate measurements.
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    Been looking at reviews and i like the ZLX-15P.

    I would go for this one conanski

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    Bad idea, and I think conanski would agree. You don't want 15 inch loaded two way mains, you want 10 or 12 inch. Above 100Hz where you're using mains there's nothing to be gained by using a 15 other than a larger more expensive speaker that has lousy midrange.
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    ^^^ Agreed.. you are getting plenty of good advice here so I'll be brief.

    Basically.. you don't want a 15 inch top.. because in the types of speakers you are looking at.. that is to say: low priced, 2 way tops, a 12 or 10 inch top will give you MUCH better sound. And yes you will have to match them up with a sub or subs for bass.. but when you do, you'll be MUCH happier with the sound than you would be had you gone with a 15 inch top. And, the EV ZLX15 is a better speaker than the JRX, but even in the EV the same rule applies.. 10 or 12's plus sub will sound better than 15's with or without subs.

    Re the choice between a powered and passive system.. there are people for whom buying a sound system is a whole interest in itself and they plan to learn a lot about how the system is engineered, and will learn to mix and match components, tune the system.. etc. For those people, passive systems are of extra interest because they give you more flexibility. BUT, to build a good system that way costs money. It really adds up.. thousands (dollars or pounds) is a starting point. You'll probably buy some wrong stuff at first and want to trade up/out, and lose money in the process.

    So if what you want is to DJ and have a sound system that sounds good right away, and that won't flake out in the middle of a paid gig.. then do as Conanski suggested. Two lower priced but not bottom-of-the-barrel 12 inch (or 10 inch) tops and a powered sub or two to match will have you sounding much better than what you had planned.

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    thanks guys ..your input definitely has helped.

    zlx-12p + ekx-18sp it is.
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